Nigerian man treats his mother to lunch in celebration of her birthday saying, ‘She sold food under bridge to train us’

Iyenyorochi, a young guy from Nigeria, took his mother out to dinner to honor her birthday and all that she did to help shape who he is today.

He took the senior citizen out to lunch and posted pictures and a video of their colorful adventure.

Iyenyorochi revealed that his mother raised him and his siblings while working as a food vendor in the well-known Ikeja bridal district of Lagos State.


He claimed that was the method mom employed to raise them for 25 years until they were able to support themselves as adults.


Happy birthday to his mother, the proud son said, adding that nothing he does will be enough to make up for her love and suffering.

He wrote; “I took my baby out on a lunch date today. For 25 years, she sold food in Ikeja under bridge and Agege to give my siblings and I the life we have now.


Nothing I do for her right now will ever be enough. Happy birthday to my best friend and the love of my entire life.”


See the post:

Netizens flooded his comment section to celebrate mother and son.

@Vickystan2; I live when guys love their mom loudly. It is very good and appreciating our aged parents for all their sacrifices.

@DanielRegha; Yorochi ur mother looks lovely, happy birthday to ur beloved mom. May God bless her with optimal health so she lives to reap the fruits of her labour; May the heavens shield her from all evil & always light her path brighter. Wishing her nothing but the best in her new age…

@Sir_Mexi; It’s the last frame for me though. I hope she did not complain about the cost of food at where you took her. That’s typical of mothers. Happy for you bro. May she stay much longer to see better days.👍👍👍

@Modi3niola; This woman is your mom???? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Best late night food seller everrrrrrrrrr and it comes with the attitude to boost the spice. I love her food

@Tom_bazz6; … about people who are admiring this … even if your mom is no more … you can still show love to widows around you , it’s not until you take them out for dinner or snap for us to see… whatever level you find yourself and whichever capacity. SHOW LOVE!

@Reginaldsnows; Who’s cutting onions close by? Continue for the next 5mins cos I don’t mind. This is so lovely.

@CeeJay2402; Happy birthday, mama! God’ll continue to strengthen and guide u. Long life and sound health to reap d fruit of ur labour, is ur portion, in Jesus name. Amen!!!

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