Obi says, “I will rebuild Nigeria.”

Following the massive crowd that thronged the various streets to welcome the Labour Party’s presidential flag bearer, Mr. Peter Obi, business activities and vehicular movements were halted on Friday in Benin.

Obi promised party supporters at the Baptist Convention Ground, the site of the Labour Party’s Presidential rally, that if elected, he would rebuild the country.

He assured the people, particularly the youth and women, of his commitment to securing the nation for the benefit of all.

Obi also stated that if he is elected President of Nigeria, the people will not go to bed hungry.

“We will stop people from looting the nation’s treasury.

“Is about you (referring to the youths), with you, we will take back this country.

“Labour Party will stop nepotism, that is my commitment,”  Obi said

Oba Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin, had previously told Obi that his reputation preceded him.

The Oba made the remark while receiving the LP presidential candidate and his running mate, Yusuf Datti, in his Benin palace.

Obi, who faced a barrage of questions from the ruler, stated that he read that a parcel of land had been offered to him and that he had turned it down, and that he should confirm if that information was correct.

Ewuare went on to say that there were many temptations in the office and asked if he could resist them and stay clean.

The ruler went on to say that there had been numerous debates about his popularity.

He stated that it was widely assumed that Obi was only popular on social media, but that some disagreed, and that he had tried to find out from both the old and the young, and that what he saw was quite amazing.

The traditional ruler maintained that the Benin throne had been apolitical since time immemorial because he was the father of all.

He stated that the throne was looking for someone who cared about Nigerians and could make life meaningful for everyone.

In response to the Oba’s questions, Obi stated that he did indeed return the land given to him.

On the issue of resisting temptations associated with the office, Obi stated that he and his running mate would do everything in their power to resist and combat corruption in the country.

Earlier, Obi stated that he was in his palace with his team to seek his blessings before beginning his campaign.

He stated that the upcoming elections should not be based on religious or ethnic sentiments, but on competence and the ability to deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians.

Obi promised that if elected, his government would use the country’s large population and vast lands to boost the country’s GDP and make life better for Nigerians.

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