VIDEO: Portable rages; How I go give TG Omori N37m when family never chop, He intentionally cropped out my tattoo in Zazuu video

Controversial The cost that Nigerian musician Portable was charged by video director TG Omori to shoot a music video has come up again.

He called Omori earlier after getting in touch with him to shoot a music video for one of his songs, and he stated that the cost is $50,000. (N37 million).

The Zazuu actor complained about the charge on his Instagram story and questioned why the director was demanding so much.

Portable used one of his favorite lines to say that Omori has started to stress him out and observed that someone who wants to help another person wouldn’t stress them out.

In a video, he revealed screenshots of their conversations and responded to Omori with voice notes complaining about how much money was being offered.

In a recent video, Portable charged Omori with shooting his breakthrough hit, Zazuu Zeh, in a subpar manner so that his tattoo would not be visible in the final product.

He claimed that it was impossible for him to pay N37 million for a music video when his family depended on him to provide for their daily needs.

The creator of the Zeh Nation claimed that he was aware of his ancestry and that he was not enough insane to make such a grave error.

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