I’d prefer to use the $50,000 to purchase land in my hometown. TG Omori is still being dragged by Portable

Controversial street-hop performer Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, has picked up where he left off in his criticism of video director TG Omori‘s fee structure.

Days ago, it was claimed that Portable made fun of him for costing Omori $50,000 (N37 million) to film a music video for one of his songs.

The Zazuu actor complained about the cost on his Instagram account and questioned why the director was billing so much.


Portable claimed that the director has started to stress him out and quoted one of his favorite sayings, noting that a kind person would not put another person through stress.

In a video, he revealed screenshots of their conversations and responded to Omori with voice notes complaining about how much money was being offered.

In a recent video with some pals, Portable declared that instead of paying TG, he would buy acres of land in his neighborhood.

The Zazuu Zeh hitmaker emphasized that he could not afford to pay N37 million for a music video when his family depends on him for their daily meals.

He claimed that he is familiar with his family and that he is not insane enough to make such a grave error.

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