We were the first artists to go on global tours and sign multi-million dollar deals – PSquare

PSquare, a Nigerian music group comprised of twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye, has boasted that they are the pioneers of global music tours in Nigeria.

The twin Afropop stars claimed to be the first Nigerian musicians to sell out stadiums and sign multimillion-dollar music deals.

PSquare stated this on a recent episode of The 77 Podcast while answering questions about his career and recent works.

Paul said; “Don’t forget who dominated the [music] industry for a long time. We [PSquare] held it down for nearly 13,14 years. We were there. Up there.

“In fact, we started doing traveling around the world, doing the stadiums, doing everything. People fainting, people crying. Signing multimillion dollars deals.”

On his part, Peter explained; “We were never the type of artist that looked down on anybody. If you remember, there was a video that went viral where it was P-Square concert and Wizkid was opening for us. So, they [newsmen] kept on interviewing only P-Square, and we were like, okay, guys, hold on. What about him? They said… I said no, this guy is going to take over tomorrow.”

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