11-year-old boy wins Kid of the year award for showing kindness to people, gets $500 reward

Orion Jean, an amazing 11-year-old from Texas, was selected TIME’s Kid of the Year in honor of his commitment to making the world a better place.

Since he was in the fifth grade, Orion Jean has developed a reputation for being helpful to people in his neighborhood. Through his “Race to 100k Meals” Thanksgiving charity drive, he gave away 100,000 snacks to those in need.

He received $500 for winning the National Kindness Speech Contest in 2020, and ever then, he has maintained his image as a compassionate member of his community. He received the TIME Kid of the Year 2021 award.

“For me, it can take on so many different forms from just smiling at somebody or holding the door, or even donating food to a local food bank or giving away old toys that you don’t need,” Jean said.

After his “Race to 100k Meals” achievement, Jean continued his efforts to be kind to others by starting a book drive, during which he gathered and distributed 500,000 books to children at book fairs all across the country.

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