World Cup

An enormous task for Cameroon

Cameroon has a lot to climb if they want to advance to the World Cup’s round of 16, as their victory over Brazil on Friday may not be enough to do so.


To have any hope of moving on to the next round, Cameroon must defeat Brazil, but even then, things get tricky.

They would then be at four points, meaning that if Switzerland beats Serbia, the former would advance.

If Serbia and Switzerland tie, the former would get four points, putting them on par with Cameroon in the event of the latter’s victory. After that, the outcome would depend on goal differential and goals scored, both of which would favor the African squad.

If Cameroon (-1 goal differential) and Serbia (-2) both win, they will both have four points, and it will come down to whose victory was more convincing.


Brazil was a popular pre-tournament favorite, and there isn’t much reason to contradict it.

They haven’t given up a goal yet in their two games and have been effective rather than spectacular, demonstrating that they are just as strong defensively as they are offensively.

Cameroon will require their best performance ever.


Five times since their remarkable run to the quarterfinals in 1990, Cameroon have not advanced past the pool stages. In actuality, they’ve only triumphed in one pool match since then (D5 L11). If they don’t pull a rabbit out of the hat, it’ll be another disappointing year.


There will be about 89 000 spectators cheering on both teams because the game will be played at the Lusail Stadium, the largest World Cup site.

Expect the Cameroon fans to make their voices heard since they have been playing their drums loudly throughout the tournament!


Since Cameroon cannot win the pool, if they place second, they will play the best team in Group H. Portugal will most likely be that, though Ghana is still a possibility. It would be incredible if two African teams faced off in the round of 16!

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