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Argentina have worked out where to hurt Croatia – Scaloni

According to coach Lionel Scaloni, Argentina will believe they have figured out how to harm the runners-up from last year when they take on Croatia in the World Cup quarterfinals.

Although they weren’t the favorites to make it to the last four once more, Croatia repeated their success from last year by winning both of their penalty shootouts.

“They have troubled many national teams. I won’t mention the key players or their strengths and weaknesses but we’ve analysed where we can hurt them. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t,” Scaloni told reporters on the eve of the first semifinal.

“We try to give it all on the pitch. Sometimes luck can be on your side. If we have a good performance, we’ll have an easier road to reach our objective. But this is football, this is sport, so sometimes the best team may not win.”

When questioned about the 37-year-old experienced midfielder of Croatia, Luka Modric, Scaloni stated it was a pleasure to see him play.

“He’s a role model for so many of us – not just because of his talent but also his behaviour,” Scaloni said.

“All I can say is we should enjoy him. If you love football then you should enjoy players like him.”

According to Scaloni, the absence of the suspended Marcos Acuna and Gonzalo Montiel would not be a problem because both Angel Di Maria and Rodrigo De Paul would be healthy.

“We have our own system, our style. Of course, in certain situations we need to take into account how the opponents are playing,” Scaloni said.

“We won’t change our style beyond the system and that’s what we’re going to do. During the game we will of course make decisions (based on situations) and rise up to the challenge.”


A question regarding Argentina’s players’ “unsportsmanlike behavior” after their shootout victory over the Netherlands was also put to Scaloni.

“The previous game was played the way we had to play… that’s football. Sometimes things like arguments can happen, but that’s all. That’s why there’s a referee,” Scaloni said.

“We need to put an end to this idea that Argentina behave like this. We lost to Saudi Arabia and didn’t say anything.

“We won the Copa America in Brazil and experienced the most sporting behaviour from (Lionel) Messi, (Leandro) Paredes, Neymar – who were all sitting together in the tunnel in the Maracana. I’m really not convinced of this idea of unsporting behaviour.”

For his post-game actions, Messi was also singled out in some circles, but Nicolas Tagliafico, a defender, lauded his captain’s effect on the team.

“He’s always been like this, he’s our captain and leader, pushing and motivating us. We have a special advantage when he’s on the pitch, he’s a great source of motivation,” Tagliafico said.

“With everyone’s support, we try to work in the same direction and achieve our dream. That’s the most beautiful thing to do with Messi by our side.”

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