As he and his second wife Judy Austin work on the set of a movie with his father Pete Edochie, Yul exclaims, “You Are Too Passionate.”

Nollywood actress Judy Austin, the second spouse of actor Yul Edochie, recently posted photos of her husband and father-in-law, Pete Edochie, on a set on social media.

Remember that Judy Austin recently disclosed she was working on a new film that would star legendary Nollywood actor Pete Edochie?

The actress recently posted stunning images of herself at a filming location with her spouse Yul Edochie, her father-in-law Pete Edochie, and others.

She wrote in her caption:

 “Day 4 on the production of THE GODFATHER!! It’s getting super-hot in here guys! Shooting a creatively crafted story with the LEGENDS in the game! Wait for it!!”

In the comments, Yul Edochie praised his wife, whom he referred to as a meticulous producer.

He wrote:

“You’re not just the most creative mind, you’re very passionate about the job and a very

detailed producer. ljele Odogwu!”

See other reactions below:


“Can’t wait. Continue doing what you do best. Outside noise should be least of your worries ❤️.”


“If the father in law is happy, we are happy too..”


“D one with the on line in-laws is really enjoying peace and love❤️May is the most blessed one in the so called mess.”


So there are no people at ur production except yul and his dad??”


“Is her guts for me,…Ashawo!”


“The day yul Edochie will go back to his family it will not matter how many movies you shot together this same people praising you will say after shooting all Those movies don’t mark yourself safe be careful judy .”

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