Bobrisky begs Tunde Ednut to link him up with handsome man he posted on IG

Bobrisky, a Nigerian transgender, expressed interest in the man Tunde Ednut shared on his Instagram profile.

Bob was drawn to the man’s features in the celebrity blogger’s video of an unnamed man getting a new haircut because of those qualities.

The male barbie then posted a request for Tunde Ednut to connect them on his Instagram profile.


The person is cute, according to Bobrisky, and he wants to meet him; however, the cherry on top would be if he is wealthy, he added.

He persisted in requesting that the singer-turned-blogger tag the dashing man’s handle so that he could take his shot.

Ednut came across Bob’s comments and reshared the clip with the caption; “This Bobrisky na better comedian. SWIPE LEFT to see the actual video of this guy that I posted. This video Bobrisky fall in Love.”

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