Concern for musician Duncan Mighty over his new appearance is expressed by Nigerians as “Na Duncan Mighty be this.”

Duncan Mighty, a legendary and award-winning singer, has alarmed his admirers and loves with his new appearance.

The Port Harcourt-based musician is currently trending on Twitter as a result of a new image of him. The singer of “Port Harcourt” was seen at an event looking unlike himself.

Many people are concerned about the singer’s health after seeing the viral photo.

What happened to our very own Duncan Mighty? asked one Living Saint. Even if he is facing an unspecified illness. What about that cap of Lie Muhammad? I hope he is okay, though.

One Funny Kante wrote, “Oh my God what happened Duncan. What happened to Duncan oh my God

One Glo Diva wrote, “Ohh my God I couldn’t even recognize him. May God help you

One Mazi Bukaz wrote, “He might be going through stuff but as usual people will mock and make tasteless joke rather than mind their business

One Stanley Nweze wrote, “Na Duncan Mighty be this?

One Nicholas Sokari, who was in disbelief wrote, “This is not him

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