“I am the only artist in Ghana who can charge $100,000 per show.” Shatta Wale’s

Shatta Wale, Ghana’s self-proclaimed dancehall king, claims to be the only artist to charge $100,000 per show.

Shatta Wale stated this last night on Showbiz 360 on TV3 during an interview with Giovani Caleb. According to him, he charged and was paid $100,000 in cash for three different shows.

The artist revealed that he was paid such a sum at Ghana’s first Afronations festival, and then another $120,000 for a show he performed at the ‘Wonderland’ theme park.

He also stated that he charged $100,000 for Cardi B’s event in Ghana, but he did not perform because the contract he agreed on and signed prior to the show was breached, so he did not make it up for the show.

Shatta Wale has been hard at work on his ‘GOG’ album, which will be released on October 17, 2022.

There has been much controversy surrounding the album, but many fans of the artist are eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated ‘GOG’ album.

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