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Shatta Wale: Burna Boy is my brother, but he follows the wrong crowd.

Shatta Wale, a dancehall celebrity, has claimed that Afrobeats superstar Burna Boy is his brother, however he is misinformed about some matters.

This was said by the Ghanaian artist during an interview on Class ShowBiz about how they intended to continue their friendship after their disagreement was resolved.

Shatta Wale

When asked if he will play his song, Hossana, which features Burna Boy, at the upcoming Afrochella, Shatta replied that everyone should for the time being stay in their respective lanes.

He claimed that the singer of the hit song “Common Person” started beefing with him because he paid attention to a group of individuals who quit his team and began disparaging him.

Shatta Wale

The African Giant will always be his brother, and Shatta Wale emphasized that the only thing he can do is to be supportive.

He used a family comparison to explain how siblings share similar traits, which is why their songs sound alike, in response to the criticism that his new song sounds a lot like Burna Boy’s Last Last.

Watch the interview below;

Similarly, Shatta praised Wizkid, a Nigerian Afrobeats musician, despite reports that he was unable to sell out Accra Sports Stadium.

He made a reference to Big Wiz, who said that he wouldn’t be attending the event because of safety concerns.

According to Shatta Wale, Wizkid wasn’t actually to blame for what transpired because God’s will prevented the stadium from being sold out.

In an interview to promote his upcoming Freedom Wave event with rapper Medikal, he made this claim.

Despite what had occurred, Shatta insisted that the Grammy-winning Nigerian performer was still well-known throughout the globe.

He said; ”Kudos to Wizkid. He is a household name in world music. Whatever happened was for God to decide”

Similar to this, Marcoli, a media personality from Ghana, mocked Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun before.

He made fun of Wizkid on Twitter, claiming the musician was unable to sell out the seats for his performance at Accra’s Ohene Djan Sports Stadium, which can hold 40,000 people.

Marcoli compared his completely sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden to his allegedly barely profitable performance in Accra.

The event was planned by Live Hub Entertainment in collaboration with Starboy Entertainment, Rave, and Finali Group Entertainment on December 10.

The Ghanaian TV host claimed that he had never believed the claims that Big Wiz had no trouble selling out shows.

He tweeted; ”Wizkid sells O2Arena in seconds but can’t sellout Accra Sports Stadium in a Month?😂 I said it.”

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