Sophia Momodu declares, “I want to be Tiwa Savage’s puppy,” while Tiwa Savage orders diamonds for her pet.

Sophia Momodu, a Nigerian businesswoman, reacted hilariously when she saw Tiwa Savage, a popular singer in her country, ordering diamonds for her puppy.

In a video Sophia posted on Snapchat, Tiwa asked her for a diamond for her puppy while they were in the car together. Tiwa then called her diamond dealer.

Tiwa was overheard saying that she preferred a diamond chain for her pet rather a choker to the person on the other end of the line.

“Can I get like a nice diamond, not choker”, she said.

Sophia laughed so hard as she jokingly expressed to Tiwa Savage her desire to be a puppy so she could also enjoy the luxury. She seemed surprised by the request.

Tiwa Savage didn’t appear to agree with Sophia when she told her that getting diamonds for a pet was being overboard.

After Sophia posted the video online and it received amusing responses from social media users, the video has since gone viral.

Reacting an Instagram user

 @nly1_ednariches wrote, “Abi oh, human being never wear diamond puppy dey wear diamond, waitin u expect.”


Another Instagram user wrote, “Diamond for bingo, life no balance.”


@Kofoworola_, “If that dog Waka reach trenches Otilo oo oo.”

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Watch the video below,


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