Lady divorces husband after only one month of marriage because he insisted on signing over her inheritance to him.

Ikenna Nzimora, a Nigerian guy, has taken to the microblogging site Twitter to give an interesting account about a failed marriage.

He claimed that a female friend’s husband asked her to sign over her inheritance to him, but she refused and divorced him.

According to Nzimora, the lady lost her father, who left her his mansion in Ikoyi, Lagos state, in his will, and not long after, she met the man she married.

They dated for four months, but a month into their marriage, her husband and his family began pressuring her to sign over the house to him as the Head of the house.

She apparently declined, and as a result of the disagreement, their marriage ended.

Nzimora wrote; ”I have a friend whose Dad left a house for in Ikoyi.

Well she met this trenches guy, they got married in 4 months and within the 1st month of marriage, he and his family were pressuring her to sign over the house to him as “Head of House”.

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