Lady kneels down to serve her boyfriend after cooking for him and his pals.

A young Nigerian lady has given advice to other ladies on how to make their lover happy and keep the relationship going.

She cooked a lavish supper for her boyfriend and some of his friends who came to see him at home.

In a social media video, she can be seen in the kitchen making amala and ewedu with seriousness and dedication.

When the girlfriend finished cooking, she served meals to each of them, but when she was serving a dish to her boyfriend, she went on her knees.

While they were still eating, the girl proceeded to clean the house and carry out the trash in order to maintain cleanliness.

It is what a decent girlfriend needs do in order to be recognized as housewife material, according to her.

She explained that she did everything she could to keep her boyfriend loyal because she is certain he will never cheat on her.

Her boyfriend’s friends were seen happily eating the food she had prepared, and the girlfriend was pleased that they enjoyed it.

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Watch the video below:

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