Man becomes sad after his parents sold properties to send him and his brother abroad.

A Nigerian woman has resorted to social media to tell the heartbreaking story of a male friend who recently traveled overseas.

She stated that the man, 29, traveled with his 27-year-old sibling, and that their transfer was made possible by their parents’ sacrifice.

He allegedly stated that their parents sold some of their precious possessions to fund their vacation preparations and paperwork.

The lady known as @theglowstitches on Twitter, wrote; ”Spoke to my friend who recently travelled earlier this week. He nearly cried as he told me what their parents have done, personal items they sold to make sure his and his brother’s relocation was successful

When you see kids unable to disobey their parents, don’t be surprised

Tomorrow someone will marry them and say the parents are entitled? Okay. Btw, The guy is 29, his brother is 27. At that age, his parents were still down to earth for him. I told him not to be ashamed but be grateful instead

When you decide to choose someone, you must respect the sacrifices people made for them before you showed up.”

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