Man stunned as a friend eats his breakfast after his girlfriend served him breakfast by marrying someone else.

A Nigerian man recalled how his babe served breakfast to a friend after an unexpected situation forced her to marry someone else.

The narrator, identified as @CRawkeen on Twitter, stated that his buddy’s girlfriend became pregnant for another man during the height of COVID-19 lockdown.

Her relationship with her boyfriend ended when an emergency wedding was quickly organized and held.

According to @CRawkeen, the heartbroken man paid him a visit while he was cooking spaghetti and plantain.

He stated that he was shocked when he served the man food, and that despite his eyes being flooded, he immediately picked up a fork to eat.

He questioned his friend about how he managed to maintain an appetite for food while grieving, and the friend advised him to do so.

@CRawkeen wrote; ”A friend was narrating how his GF got pregnant for another guy during Covid,and she had an emergency wedding. As he was talking amidst misty eyes,I was cooking,so I served him spag and plantain.He quickly picked fork.I said you wey dey cry now now,he said Jide make i chop abeg.”

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