Man with three wives reveals why he washes the plates after meal

Bilal Abdul Kareem, a polygamous man who has three wives, has given an explanation for why he still does the dishes

Many people, he claimed, are unaware of the duties and complexity involved in holding the position of head of house in a polygamous household.

The man claimed that it implies that he is in service to everyone, rather than just ordering them around.

Bilal Abdul Kareem

He said that there is a division of labor; he washes the dishes while the women look after the children.

Bilal published a picture of himself doing the dishes and added that he is imitating the Prophet Mohammed, who he claimed was serving his three queens.

He wrote; “Some people think 3 wives is all about s*x & being the boss. Being the leader of a large family means that I’m in service to them. Just as Prophet Muhammad was in service to his family.

If my 3 Queens can take care of the kids every day then I can wash some dishes sometimes too.”

He is giving the impression that cleaning the dishes or caring for the children is only the responsibility of women, according to a Twitter user named @thasinS, who questioned his way of thinking.

He said; For starters, why do you think dishwashing or caring of your own children is the wife’s job? You seem to be portraying as if you are doing her a favor when it is your equal responsibility as a father and husband.

In response, @BilalKareem said; “This is the way I see it: We have specific roles but we can help each other out when we can. For example, if there is no money or food in the house I’m not going to look at her and say, “It’s your fault!”, because it’s not. It would be my fault.”

Read more comments below;

@realsultanoa; And which hadith of the prophet pbuh” was showoff and photo preach sir.

@Kabuko22; Okay but why are u boasting it? Washing dishes in a large family is nothing to boast about, it is a gender neutral activity, & anyone’s responsibility in a family. Get out of ur confined boundaries built wid the bricks of patriarchal mindset. What u doin is not a favour but duty!

@Naoma_Khan_; The prophet had multiple wives under diff sociopolitical reasons & only after Khadijah died. Also he didnt have any kids from the other wives except by Khadija. Are the Muslims having multiple wives out of similar reasons as the Prophet did? Or just to show off their masculinity?

@CleverCoala; U don’t need to justify yourself brother. These people don’t even know how to define a woman. Islam has the best gender and marriage system

@FramesPhcity; Why don’t Egyptians or Moroccans who are real Moslems marry more than one? I’ve barely seen an Egyptian who has two wives yet they own this religion but Una carry multiple wives for head and justifying it.

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