Mixing loud with scent leaves is bad for your health – Skibo slams Speed Darlington for claiming Flavour slept with Chidinma.

Skibo, a comedian, has taken on the notorious rapper Speed Darlington alias Akpioku for claiming that musician Flavour slept with Chidinma Ekile.

During one of his routine live streams, Akpi revealed that Flavour had slept with Chidinma and dismissed the possibility of a platonic relationship.

He went on to say that he has never slept with a celebrity and is excited to do so.

In his words:

“I have not slept with any celebrity in my life. Flavour has slept with Chidinma, yes, you can’t hold someone’s woman that way if you and her haven’t done something, f**k outta here, I’m not a child yes, you can’t hold someone’s woman like that if it’s a platonic relationship.”

“So no nigga, I don’t give a f**k. Let me sleep with celebrities also, I have not slept with a celebrity, do you understand?”

In response, comedian Skibo, who primarily interacts in Igbo, turned to his Facebook page to chastise and humiliate Speed Darlington.

In a translated version, Skibo said:

“Good people listening to me, my name is Skibo Alajinmba from Mbaise. The topic I brought up today is that of Speed Darlington. Please can you people help me ask this boy where he buys his Indian Hemp?”

“Who’s your dealer? I’ve said this times without number that you should change your dealer but you aren’t listening. What’s the meaning of Flavour has slept with Chidinma and you haven’t slept with any celebrity? How is that our problem?”

“I have said this times without number mixing loud with scent leaf isn’t good for your health. Mixing loud with scent leaf makes a person mad. Avoid Indian Hemp.”

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