Moment Nigerians danced excitedly as DJ played “Eluu P 75” in club (Watch video)

One of Nigeria’s entertainment centres has adopted a social media vernacular that gained popularity during the presidential elections.

The online hit song “Eluu P,” which has become something of an anthem, was played at a nightclub in a widely circulated video.

The phrase first appeared when a young man was singing it aloud at his polling place during the election that had just ended.

A music producer developed it further into a song with beats, which a Disc Jockey then chose to play for club patrons.

As soon as the song began to play loudly on the speakers, partygoers instinctively changed their dance moves to match the music.

Reacting, itz_rapzy; To tell una say our fathers land na cruise 😂😂😂😂

ogori_godwin; The Dj com bad join 😂

leems001; E sweet oo😂😂😂😂

b_o_w_a_d; I nor go pay for the drinks if them play me this yeye song

iam.ojay1; Who’s the owner of the song now😂😂

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