Portable makes dramatic entrance to his concert as he arrives stage in a coffin [Video]

With his theatrical entrance to his gig in a coffin, controversial musician Portable has once again got the internet talking.

The artist performed a portable live-in concert at African Shrine on December 28th, a Wednesday.

The father of four entering the stage in a casket was the highlight of the evening. As he was being carried to the stage, Portable could be seen getting into a coffin in the video.

Portable has previously expressed his affection for Coffins in public.

Portable inks his face with a coffin

He recently caused an internet stir by getting a coffin tattooed on his face.

While in Cyprus for his concert, the Zazuu star decided to change his appearance by choosing some fresh works of art for his face.

Portable could be seen sitting on a chair while a White man provided him with the drawings he wanted in a video he posted on his Instagram page. On one side of his face, he has what appears to be a casket, and on his forehead is the writing Ika of Africa.

These are additions to the many tattoos the crooner already has on his body.

Captioning the post, he wrote: “ZAZUU IKA OF AFRICA. best tattoo guy in Cyprus”.

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