Rufai Oseni of Arise TV narrowly avoids being attacked by members of a political party inside an elevator.

Arise TV anchor Rufai Oseni narrowly avoided being assaulted by members of a political party who threatened him.

He stated this on his official Twitter account, claiming that they threatened him inside an elevator.

Oseni, a fiery journalist, claimed that members of the political party were insulting him, but he opted not to respond or engage them.

He quietly went away, according to the popular broadcaster, because he realized he wasn’t meant to speak to everyone.

”Abuses everywhere, people from a political party saw me an threatened me in an elevator. I just walked away, I have learnt it is not everyone you respond to,” he wrote.

Oseni added; ”Hearing all sorts is part of my job,but I am not deterred. My job is to help build my nation. The goal of a better nation is paramount. For me the logic of the argument is paramount.

The priority is to build a nation where peace and Justice shall reign. My fidelity is to my country and not politicians.”

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