Rema urges senior colleagues to warn their fans not to cause beef.

Divine Ikubor, better known as Rema, a young Afrobeats singer, has called on musicians to stop their fans from inciting them against younger artists.

He also urged rising entertainers to respect the legends and persuade their fans to do the same.

The Mavin Records signee stated that he respects everyone in the industry and would appreciate it if they did as well.

He stated this in an interview about his relationship with Davido, noting that rumors of a feud between them are false.

Rema referred to Davido as an OG and stated that it bothers him when his fans go online and try to create animosity between him and an OG.

He said: “I have so much respect for the OGs in the game and I don’t like my fans comparing & trying to put me against them.

“The peace among Afrobeats artistes is one of the reasons why the genre is where it is today.

“I always caution my fans when I see them comparing me to my Big Bros and I expect every artiste to do same when they see their fans trying to spark up problematic conversations”.

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