Skit creator Ashmusy discusses her issues with controversy by saying that there are certain people out there who are filled with hatred and envy.

Amarachi Amusi, alias Ashymushy, a social media content producer, was earlier this week accused of having a romance with notorious lawmaker Dino Melaye.

She was accused of having an affair with Melaye, along with her fellow sketch creator Nons Miraj, according to sources.

In a recent interview, Ashmusy claimed that because they were in the spotlight, public people frequently become embroiled in controversy.

She said: “There are many people out there who are full of hate and envy; hence they want to drag others down to their levels, and make them as pathetic as they are.”

She went on to say that her laborious work paid for her to live a luxury lifestyle. In response to the charge, she stated

“I will say they should keep swimming in their ignorance and poverty; that is their problem.

“If they cannot see the work (we do) and the things we post every day, and realise that those things fetch us money (that is their problem). It is totally untrue (that I am being financed by anyone).”

She also mentioned how astonished she was when the information first surfaced online last week. She stated:

“I was shock, as I did not understand it; especially because I had never met him or had anything to do with him (Dino Melaye).

“The allegation came about because the blog involved was trying to chase clout and drive attention to their page.”

When asked why she messaged the blogger if she was innocent, Ashmusy responded,

“The blogger and I usually chat even about business, so I sent a message refuting the story. I asked why they posted such false and terrible information (about me) without verifying it first.”

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