Strange creature with human body and animal head mysteriously lands on roof (Video)

A bizarre creature mysteriously crashed landed on a building’s roof, and residents of the area poured out in large numbers.

The creature featured an unidentifiable animal head on top of a human torso with hands and legs.

bizarre creature

At the structure where it fell, a throng had formed, and they continued to marvel as it travelled across the roof.

It appeared to be having a fit of grief as it slid down the roof before leaping into the enclosure, which had a fence.

Social media users expressed doubt that it was an actual inhuman creature.

pkgjohnson commented; African Halloween lol

kizitoanthonyoforka; Lol😂…na wear the guy wear that this jorh

drealolly; I don’t believe this 😂😂 because I trust that a few people would have ran away the way the think kept sliding down 😂😒

vibewitheliyon; Na only for all these villages you go see something like this

tha_mentalist; Na egungun be that wey don trabaye

chriskryse; some mumu for there go don dey reason how dem go take catch am “go chop” …

chris_studio6_weddngs; Why you no go close and get a clear video, day here day give us script

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