A native doctor was filmed attempting to heal a lady whose legs allegedly turned to those of a cow after sleeping with a married man.

A viral video shows a woman whose legs have allegedly turned to those of a cow being treated by a native doctor.

According to a netizen who shared the video on social media, the woman’s legs had turned to those of an animal after sleeping with a married man.

The video shows the woman sitting on the floor with cow legs while the traditionalist repeats incantations.

Surprisingly, the lady gained a tail from the transformation, which was seen wagging around on its own.

Netizens have expressed a wide range of reactions, with some skeptical that it is real and others completely perplexed.

See reactions gathered below;


Dey play just dey play 😂😂


Not the zanku dance 😂😂😂


Watch people come and give yeye analysis🤣🤣🤣

The spiritual is a reality,and it controls the physical. Don’t be gullible🚶‍♀️


Naim fit her! U go Fock another woman husband ? Ur husband preek no do u again abi ? Ndi anya ofo


The Dancing Step 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Make una dey take am easy with all this brand new lies oshiiiii 😂😂😂😂




Which movie is this


So, what did the community husband turn into? Or is she the only guilty person in this mess🤔🤔

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