11-year-old Nigerian kid invents power generator that works without fuel, hopes to study Electrical Engineering

A small fuel-powered generator was created by Muhammad Kaumi Bashir, an 11-year-old Nigerian boy.

According to reports, Muhammad, who was from Bornu State in northern Nigeria, was a first-year high school student. He made the mini-generator because he was an extremely intelligent and inquisitive young man who wanted to follow his dream of becoming an electrical engineer.

His creation might be expanded upon and could power lightbulbs. Mallama Yakaka Kaumi, Bashir’s mother, claims that her son began showcasing his creative flair in electronic and mechanical fabrications.

“His life has so far been about inventing and repairing electronic appliances,” she told PRNigeria.

She continued by saying that her son gets up each morning and tells her he wants to become a well-known electrical engineer who is well-known all over the world.

“He is passionate about setting up a big electrical engineering firm, and then use it to solve the country’s power crisis,” Muhammad’s mother said.

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