Young African Lady enrols for Masters in Aerospace Engineering twice to prove she is brilliant, graduates with distinctions

After enrolling twice for a Master’s Degree in Engineering Control Systems and Implementations (Aerospace) to demonstrate her brilliance, Cynthia Okoro, a clever Nigerian woman, accomplished an incredible feat.

Cynthia Okoro graduated with honors from the University of Huddersfield in Huddersfield, England, with both of her master’s degrees. Cynthia shared on Twitter that she had completed her Master’s degree twice so that no one could question her accomplishments.

She announced the outcome of her Master’s degree to be a distinction, having gotten an A in all the courses she completed, by sharing an image of her two Master’s degrees in Engineering Control Systems and Instrumentation. She had better outcomes in her second Master’s thesis and received an overall grade point average of A.

M.Sc. Engineering Control Systems and Instrumentation ( with Distinction). Did it twice so they have no doubts,” she wrote on Twitter.

Cynthia shared a graphic indicating that she had registered in various Master’s divisions. She demonstrated a tremendous enthusiasm and perseverance for becoming a superior engineer by choosing courses for her first Master’s program that were different from those she chose for her second.

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