We must honor sugar daddies because they have created an industry – Nedu Wazobia

Nedu Wazobia, a Nigerian radio host and comedian, described “Sugar Daddy” as a separate industry that deserves respect.

According to the media personality, many resorts abroad would not have visitors if males who finance girls on vacations did not exist.

Nedu stated this during an episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, adding that every girl wishes to live the life of a baby girl.

He prayed for sugar daddies, saying they should be recognized because they keep things moving.

Nedu said; “Every girl wants a baby girl lifestyle. We must give shoutout to a lot of sugar daddies. God bless every sugar daddies out there because sugar daddy is an industry on its own.

“Without sugar daddies are the reason why some resorts have customers, in Zanzibar and all of them.”

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