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2-year-old genius girl scores over 98% in IQ test, becomes one of the smartest persons in the world

After passing her entrance exam with a score of over 98%, 2-year-old prodigy Kashe Quest from California, the United States, became the youngest American to join the Mensa Association.

Kashe, who is now 4 years old and has an IQ score of 146, joined the company in 2021. Mensa is a group of smart people from throughout the world. Mensa membership requirements include passing an approved IQ test with a score of at least 98th percentile.

Kashe took the test and aced all the questions thrown at her. Sukhjit Athwal, Kashe’s mom told GMA that “By 18 months, she had mastered pretty much the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes … and then that’s when we started noticing this is pretty advanced for her age.”

Athwal, who has experience in education, had learning materials close at hand in her family’s house, but she never pressured Kashe in any specific path.

“The way we’ve implemented her learning is we’ve never really forced her to sit down and do anything — it was out of her natural curiosity,” she said.

Kashe was able to name every element on the periodic table by the time she was two years old, according to her parents, and she had remembered the 50 states of the United States by shape and location.

“That’s when we were encouraged to explore our options in terms of getting her tested. It’s pretty amazing what she’s doing at this point in time and how fast she’s grasping concepts.” Athwal said.

Athwal claimed that the Mensa’s IQ exam was age performative and that Kashe was tested repeatedly until the materials either proved difficult or she was unable to discern her score.

“It was working on receptive memory, cognitive skills and logical reasoning. It wasn’t necessarily, ‘What color is this?’ It was working on more of what her mental capacity was like.” Athwal said.

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