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A young African-American youngster smashes a 46-year-old record at a US school and receives the highest possible score on a university entrance exam.

After receiving a perfect score of 100% on the nation’s ACT exam, a young African-American child called Mario Hoove has shattered the 46-year-old record of Providence-St. Mel School, Chicago, United States.

In the United States, the ACT test is used to assess a high school student’s preparation for college and gives universities a single uniform benchmark to compare all applications.

Before Mario Hoover broke the record and became the first person to ever accomplish such a feat, Providence St. Mel School in Chicago, Illinois, had never produced a student who achieved a 100% score in its 46 years of existence.

Hoover, who scored a perfect 36 on the test, said it was time for him to realize his potential.

“I want others to know that they can do the same. I’ve been saying a lot today that we are all capable of more than we think we can do,” Hoover said.


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