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15-year-old Nigerian student wins Africa’s math championship after defeating 10,000 competitors.

Victor Olatunji, a brilliant 15-year-old Nigerian boy, defeated 10,000 other competitors to become the continent’s mathematics champion.

Victor Olatunji attends The International School Ibadan in the West African nation of Oyo State. In recognition of his achievement, he received a $5,000 (more than N2 million) university scholarship from the recently finished Cruxlearning Mathematics Contest Africa.

Over 10,000 SS2 students from 24 African countries registered for the annual Cruxlearning Mathematics Contest Africa (CLMCA) through the online platform where the qualifying exams were held.

Out of the 10,000 contestants, the top 18 contestants were chosen to advance to the next round of the reality TV quiz show, which was created to demystify mathematics and recognize and honor students who excel in the subject and in social skills.

The contestants were narrowed down to six after spending four weeks in the Mathslounge, a space created to host the competition. These six contestants then advanced to the Dean’s final match to determine Africa’s Math Champion.

Victor Adetunji (also known as Root) of The International School in Ibadan ultimately won the competition and received a $5,000 scholarship for college. Femi Ositade (also known as Alpha) of The Ambassadors College in Ota took second place and received $2,500.

Joyce (also known as Curve) Onubogu, a student at British Spring College in Awka, took third place and received a $1,500 scholarship.

These three exceptional SS2 students received scholarships of various values.

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