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Brilliant Nigerian man wins a scholarship to both Harvard and Oxford universities.

Destiny Ogedegbe, a remarkable Nigerian, has been admitted to two prestigious universities for his Master of Law degree, Harvard University in the United States and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Destiny was not only admitted to highly competitive universities, but he was also given several scholarships to pursue his Master of Law (LLM) program. Destiny expressed his delight on LinkedIn, noting that he is one of only four Nigerians accepted by Harvard University.

“I’m one of four (4) Nigerians admitted this year to the Harvard Law School LLM Programme — the most competitive law programme in the world — on a scholarship,” he wrote on LinkedIn.

Destiny began his higher academic studies at the University of Benin in South-South Nigeria, where he graduated with honors, earning a first-class degree in law and being named the best graduating student. He went on to Law School and graduated with honors.

Narrating how he was able to secure Master’s admission and scholarships into the two tough universities, Destiny said; “I tell this story and add that these are the only two schools I have ever applied to for graduate studies and I got into both.”

“That it happened this way, tells me something. They both did the right thing, I suspect, because this story is already written in the stars —this is merely the mortal manifestation of God’s ideal. I have no other explanation,” he added.

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