Brilliant Nigerian boy wins $1000 award for scoring 9As in WAEC, set to enrol in US university

A bright young man from Nigeria named Inyang Valour Mbre has received a $1,000 cash reward after passing the just completed West African Examination with a perfect score of 100 and receiving As in all nine of the topics he took.

South-South Nigeria’s Topfaith International Secondary School is where Inyang Valour Mbre studies. He was the top student in the class and one of West Africa’s top high school grads thanks to his success on the test.

When presenting Valour Mbre with the $1,000 prize, Topfaith Secondary School Chairman Dr. Emmanuel Abraham noted that the school had promised to reward any student who achieved an unmatched A1 in the subjects they had registered for in the WASSCE in order to motivate them to perform better than expected on their exams.

Valour Mbre was the only student to complete the challenge flawlessly and win the $1,000 award. Dr. Emmanuel Abraham described how over the years, school pupils had tried to win the honor but had always failed until Valour Mbre emerged.

“Over the years, a lot of Topfaith students came quite close to clinching the award, scoring eight A1s, but falling short of one to get the prize,” Dr Emmanuel Abraham narrated.

Inyang Valour Mbre took the University of Cambridge International General Certificate of Education and aced all five subjects with an A. She now hopes to pursue her education abroad. Additionally, he scored 1,480 out of 1600 on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), and he received eight out of a possible nine IELTS points.

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