A newspaper vendor graduates and begins the NYSC program.

Ahmed Ganiyu Aderemi, a young Nigerian guy, is being praised for leveraging his profession as a newspaper vendor to pay for his education.

His friend, Ibrahim Oso, turned to Facebook to explain how the seller was able to pay for his studies by selling newspapers.

Ibrahim stated that he met Ahmed when he was a 400 level student at Abeokuta, and they became friends because he was often reading newspapers at his stand.

Ahmed, he said, had previously revealed that he intended to further his education, and he encouraged him to do so.

After several years, the newspaper vendor has completed his Higher National Diploma (HND) and is now enrolled in the National Youth Service Corps program in Cross River state.

Ibrahim shared photos of his friend and wrote;

“Ahmed, Omo Oni Paper Pada Di Graduate

Probably, early year 2016 when I met Ahmed Ganiu Aderemi as a Newspaper Seller (Vendor) at one of the Popular Estate in this Abeokuta. Then, I was around 400L at OOU and also a hustler at the same Estate where he sell papers to Baba Olowo coming out and going into the particular estate.

How we suddenly became friends. I always love to read report on the newspapers but I don’t have money to buy one from him, and he do give me anyone to read. With time, we began to observe how we share the same school of thoughts. It was then, I introduced myself to him as a student at OOU and that I have to do some extra jobs here to meet OOU demands.

Later, he shared his plan to process admission into Mapoly, and he was still in secondary school when he started selling Newspapers at the Estate. I told him, he can, with the newspaper business. He shared how the business was run and we rob minds together. After I graduated from OOU in 2017/18. We don’t see like months or so. The next day we see. I was so happy to heard from him that he had through with his OND and already went back for his HND.

Few months ago. We saw each other and we share life experience thereafter, and he informed me that he has been cleared by his school, and may be out of the state any moment for his NYSC program and that, since people haven’t been buying paper like before. He may choose to look for something else after service. At least, Ahmed achieve something via Paper Selling.

As you carry out your National/Primary assignments, May the Almighty God that you serve grant your utmost heart desires as you go about your duties with humility and diligence, Amen!”

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