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Ghana: NDC Elections Directorate cancels three constituencies’ elections

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has declared null and void elections held in three constituencies across the country.

Atiwa West, Mpraeso, and Afram Plains South are the three constituencies.

The party’s Polls Directorate stated that the elections were clearly in contravention of a previous request by the Directorate to postpone elections in particular constituencies.

“The National Election Directorate wishes to place on record that the said purported elections in those constituencies are illegal and hence, null and void. The party does not and will not recognize those elections and their outcomes.”

According to the NDC Elections Directorate, this judgment encompasses additional constituencies that have breached various directions in the conduct of their elections., “particularly the inclusion of branches that are excluded from partaking in the elections and the exclusion or inclusion of persons who have been either qualified or disqualified from being on the ballot sheet by the appeals process.”

It stated that a complete list of the constituencies will be published in the following days.

The Elections Directorate stated that elections will be held in these constituencies in due course.

“The party will in the meantime investigate the unsanctioned elections in these constituencies and punish all the culprits involved.”

It urged all constituencies affected by the FEC’s earlier decision to follow suit and rigorously adhere to all directives and norms relevant to the ongoing constituency elections.

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