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Young Lady whose mother worked as a cleaner to sponsor her education bags PhD degree from US university, makes family proud

An amazing woman called Ana Guerrero became the First member of her Family to obtain a doctorate (PhD) in education from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Both Ana Guerrero and her parents are Mexican nationals. They immigrated here in search of a better life they might achieve via hard effort. Since they immigrated from Mexico, according to Anne Guerro, her mother has worked as a house cleaner.

She continued by saying that her father operated a ranch. I had a fairly rural background, and my parents worked for the ranch’s proprietors, she recounted. She recounted how her mother took her to school as a child while talking about how her mother raised her.

She would take me along with her when school was out when I was a child, and I realized then that I needed to make the most of the chances that had been provided to me but had been denied to her and every other woman in my family’s history.

Ana continued her schooling and eventually graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Sociology. She continued on to complete her Master’s in education before receiving a PhD in education.

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On the day of her graduation, Ana tweeted a photo of herself and her mother, writing that the expression on her mother’s face perfectly captures her pride in her daughter’s accomplishment.

“She is my mother and she is powerful, vibrant, compassionate, and empowered. Her expression shows that it was a collaborative effort; she gave me the encouragement, fortitude, and drive I needed to complete this journey,” she stated.

“Lo logramos juntas, mama (We made it together, mama),” she said.

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