A brilliant Nigerian scientist simultaneously receives three master’s degrees from the Netherlands, Germany, and Finland.

Ngozi Edum, a Talented Scientist from Nigeria, was rejected by multiple universities before winning three scholarships to study for a Master’s degree simultaneously in Germany, the Netherlands, and Finland.

With a fully funded Erasmus Mundus European Scholarship, Ngozi Edum declared her intention to enroll in the University of Eastern Finland for a Master’s degree in European Forestry. The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship provides full funding to international students as well as a monthly stipend of between €1400 and €1500.

While recounting her scholarship path, Ngozi Edum mentioned that she had been turned down on multiple occasions and had been put on reserve for various postgraduate applications. “I started the path all over again in 2021, and I’m glad I got my YES. I got three offers instead of just one YES, she claimed.

Ngozi said she got a Germany DAAD EPOS Scholarship to study tropical forestry at Technische Universität Dresden in order to explain the three (3) awards she simultaneously won. She was also awarded the Africa Scholarship Program, which allowed her to attend Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands to study forest and nature conservation.

Ngozi Edum had to turn down two scholarship offers after concurrently getting three offers, but she accepted the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to study in Finland. “Selecting the European Forestry was a decision of studying the European Forest and learning in practice the Bioenergy and Bioeconomy that has the ability to address the climate catastrophe,” the candidate stated when asked why she had chosen Finland.

She exclaimed how happy she was to begin a fresh academic chapter at the University of Eastern Finland.

“I am excited about the new journey and hope this choice will be worth it. I want to thank everyone that has been part of this journey,” she said.

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