TG Omori advises a student to drop out after he requested N850k for tuition.

TG Omori, an award-winning music video director, recently offered to pay for a student’s school expenses but changed his mind when he learned the cost.

It all started when he gave N50,000 to a female student who asked him to pay for the renewal of her data subscription.

A young man expressed surprise, and Omori told him not to cry, but rather to express his demands.

“Young idan no cry nau. Watin u need?”

Tolulope, the man, stated that he is in school and that anything the director provides him will be very welcomed.

“Jesusss!!!🥹🥹🥹, young idan dey school my idolo, Any thing my idolooooo🛐”

The boy director, as he is affectionately known, asked him to drop his account number and how much his tuition for the year is.

“Drop account, how much be idan school fees this year.”

Before he could respond, another man named Timomed stated that the cost of his own education was N850,000. He mentioned attending Leadcity University.

“Idan nah 850k o”

When TG Omori heard this, he suggested that the young man drop out of school because he doesn’t have the money to pay such high fees.

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