“My 16-year-old wife was a virgin,” a man exclaims as he posts a photo of a blood-stained bedsheet.

A man going by the handle @KingNestle posted a photo of a blood-stained bedsheet on Twitter, claiming that he had deflowered his 16-year-old wife.

The post sparked widespread outrage and raised serious concerns about child marriage and the young girl involved’s safety.

@KingNestle expressed his apparent pride in the now-viral tweet, writing:

“Allahu Akbar my 16-year-old wife was a virgin. May Allah make our marriage last a lifetime.”

The image of the blood-stained bedsheet that accompanied the tweet heightened the controversy surrounding the situation.

My 16-year-old wife was a virgin, says a man as he posts a photo of a blood-stained bedsheet.

He also revealed that he and she have been together since 2019.

The fact that @KingNestle has been in a relationship with the young girl since 2019 raises the possibility of child marriage, as the legal marriage age in Nigeria is 18 years.

The incident sparked a social media firestorm about the prevalence of child marriage.


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