Doctor calls out UK based Nigerian scamming victims with claims that ‘eba’ causes fibroids,

Dr. Richard Okoye, a Nigerian doctor, denounces a Nigerian living in the UK who spreads untruths about Nigeria’s healthcare system, including the notion that “eba” is the root cause of fibroids.

The leader of the Save A Life Group, Dr. Richard, refuted some assertions made by a Nigerian living overseas who deceives innocent victims.

The man asserted that because of the high-carbohydrate diets eaten in Africa, every woman in Nigeria had fibroids. He continued by asserting that hospitals in Nigeria can only perform HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and COVID-19 testing and that the country’s healthcare system is in disarray.

However, Dr. Richard Okoye claimed that after spending hours watching the fellow’s live session, he realized that his false statements are an attempt to con Nigerians.

The medical expert also denounced the way the self-proclaimed doctor disparaged Nigeria as a nation in order to further his own interests.

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