Enraged boyfriend confronts his girlfriend for blocking him on her birthday in order for her to post another guy on her status.

On her birthday, a Nigerian guy was caught on camera assaulting his fiancée for barring him from reading her WhatsApp status.

Over the phone, he slammed her and demanded to know why she had blocked him only to post another guy on her status.

His girlfriend, on the other hand, denied doing anything like that, claiming that while she was not online, he was able to check her status using another phone, which is how he knew.

She appears to have filled her status with photographs and videos of her other partner, who arranged a surprise birthday package for her.

The enraged boyfriend revealed some details about her post in order to convince her that he knows what she did was wrong.

When she continued to defend herself, he began showering insults on her while sweating profusely.

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