Men prefer Yoruba women because they are more sensible -Speed Darlington.

When it comes to marriage, Nigerian rapper Speed Darlington says girls from the Yoruba tribe are preferred over those from the Igbo tribe.

According to the internet sensation based in the United States, Yoruba girls are more sensible and know how to choose a reasonable man.

He claimed that Igbo girls frequently go to native doctors to obtain charms, which they then use to attract or control any man of their choice.

Speed Darlington made the claim during a live TikTok session, adding that Yorubas are attractive to men because of their submissive nature.

The singer also stated that Igbos are the most likely to visit churches in search of miracles and special intervention.

When a clergyman calls on single ladies looking for husbands to come out, he claims that it is mostly Igbo girls who flood the pulpit/altar.

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