“I cannot be an ungrateful bastard because Remi Tinubu helped me when I was sick,” says Olaiya Igwe, explaining his motivation for the unclad video.

Olaiya Igwe, a veteran Nollywood actor, has broken his silence following the virality of his unclad video and explained why.

The actor went to the beach naked to pray for the success of APC presidential candidate Bola Tinubu in the 2023 election.

Many people were shocked by the video, and many mocked Olaiya for going to such lengths, but the actor has explained his motivation.

A video he posted to explain himself showed him having a phone conversation with someone who appeared to call him to chastise him for his actions.

Olaiya slammed the individual by asking what they had done for him when he was sick and dying.

According to the actor, when he was in the hospital and needed help, the person ignored his calls, but Remi Tinubu came to his rescue and made sure he was fully treated.

In his words:

“Did you not hear I was sick some times back? How much did you send me? Were you not always ignoring my calls then?

The time I was sick, Remi called Ajala Jalingo to take me to Ikeja Teaching Hospital that they should take care of me and on the third day, she called and ask me if I have American visa and if I don’t have a visa, they should quickly arrange it for me.

So her husband will now come out for a position and I won’t support? I cannot be a bastard and support one unfortunate person now”

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