“We realized it was a test from God,” a man says of his wife’s forgiveness after he cheated on her and infected her with HIV

A man described how his wife forgave him for cheating on her multiple times and infecting her with HIV.

This revelation was made on Twitter in response to Cuppy’s fiancée’s alleged affair.

According to @veryfranklyn, being in love is difficult, and sometimes that love is tested.

He admitted to cheating on his wife with various women and having numerous baba mamas to the point of becoming HIV-positive.

@Veryfranklyn stated that he had unknowingly infected his wife with this virus, and she had forgiven him when they realized it was God testing them, and they are now happily married.

He tweeted:

“I hope DJ cuppy doesn’t make a mistake. Love is difficult sometimes and God tests us. I cheated on my wife so many times and and had baby mamas till I contacted hiv and gave my wife without knowing. We realised it’s a test from God and she forgave me and now we are happy”

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