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With a perfect 5.00 CGPA, a brilliant Nigerian lady graduates as a petroleum engineer and wins a scholarship up to the PhD level.

Precious Okon, a brilliant Nigerian lady, was named the best graduating student at Nile University Abuja and received a full scholarship to study up to the PhD level.

Precious graduated with a perfect Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.0/5.0 from Petroleum and Gas Engineering.

Precious told The Punch about her time at Nile University, saying, “I would say it was interesting and expository.” I got to meet people from various cultural and religious backgrounds. It was an entirely new experience for me. It was my first extended stay in Abuja, and I had no idea what to expect.

“Coming from the southern part of Nigeria, there were preconceived notions about what the North was like. So, being there and seeing it for myself, helped to break a lot of wrong ideologies and helped me build amazing friendships. I also liked the environment; it was very serene since we were not many in the university at the time, though that has changed over the years. We have a lot more students now, and I think that is a testament to the fact that the university is getting some things right.”

Precious was involved in volunteer and extracurricular activities while in school, and it had no effect on her academic performance.

“While at Nile University, I took up a lot of volunteering roles from my first year to my final year. They include but are not limited to: being an Energy4Me Ambassador with the Society of Petroleum Engineers International, serving as the President of the SPE Nile University Chapter and the Nile Christian Fellowship in my penultimate and final years and also volunteering actively in different capacities with the SPE Abuja Section 199,” she wrote on her LinkedIn page.

“Serving as the President of SPE Nile Chapter, I was able to achieve so much with my team: from planting 100 trees to commemorate earth day to starting the Mental Health Awareness Series and Skills Development Series, and eventually winning the Student Chapter Excellence Award in 2022, the second highest award given to any student chapter in the world. I also received the Girl in STEM Leadership Award in 2021 from the Women’s Leadership Programme under the SPE Nigeria Council,” she added.

When asked about the Nile University awards and prizes she received for her 5.0 success.

She said “I received a 100 per cent scholarship to continue my education up till PhD level at Nile University. Then I received a lot of plaques from the university as the Best Graduating Student in my department and in my faculty. I also received the Distinguished Franklin Uchechukwu Okeke Merit Award for finishing with a 5.0. I also received some prizes from the sponsors such as China Harbour Engineering Company Limited, Allison Rich, Red Bull, and Mouka Foam. I am really grateful to them all.”

She thanked Almighty God for the tremendous success and thanked her lecturers in the department of Petroleum and Gas Engineering, as well as the Faculty of Engineering as a whole.

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