Okon Lagos and director Frank Ufomadu have a disagreement over Okon’s comparison of comedians who demand N5 million for tables to women who don’t inquire about their man’s riches.

Ime Bishop Umoh, also known as Okon Lagos, a well-known actor and Nigeria comedian, and the director Frank Ufomadu have gotten into an argument over their differing perspectives on the arrest of John Ewa, a suspected kidnapper.

The kidnap kingpin, also known as Lyon John, was apprehended over the weekend after being identified as the leader of a string of high-profile kidnappings in the state of Bayelsa.

Lyon is renowned for leading a lavish lifestyle, boasting about his illegally acquired fortune on social media, and hanging out with various women.

Paul Okoye of Psquare, a singer, expressed his outrage at his detention online and questioned why women don’t ask their partners about their men’s wealth instead of just worrying about how to spend it.

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Okon Lagos agreed with Paul Okoye’s remark and added that ladies who spend criminals’ money should receive the same punishment as the perpetrators because they are acting as their accomplices.

See post below;

Nigeria comedian

After noticing Okon’s remark, Frank confronted him to get his opinion. He claimed that when Okon and other entertainers go on performances and sell tickets for as high as #10 million for a table for five without considering the means of support of the purchasers, they are no different from these ladies.

When Okon saw his remark, he responded to him, sparking a conversation between the two on Instagram.

Nigeria comedian

Nigeria comedian

Nigeria comedian

Nigeria comedian

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