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34-year-old Stephen Curry goes back to university, earns Bachelor’s degree after 13 years of leaving school to play basketball

Stephen Curry, a basketball player for the United States, has returned to school after quitting for 13 years to concentrate on his profession in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The North Carolina liberal arts college should award Stephen Curry, 34, a graduation in 2010. He could have delayed finishing his degree as he joined the NBA in 2009 instead.

Stephen Curry, whose life ambition is to become educated, went back to school 13 years later and finished his degree. He posted a number of pictures to social media in celebration of his accomplishment, describing the degree as a “dream come true.”

“Class of 2010….aka 2022 but we got it done! Thanks to my whole village that helped me get across the finish line. Made the promise when I left and had to see it through,” he wrote on Intagram.

The 34-year-old star who now plays for Golden State Warriors also received congratulatory messages from his wife, Ayesha Curry. She expressed her delight to see Stephen achieve his dream. “Proud would be an understatement! Congratulations my love. “YOU DID IT!” Ayesha wrote.

The United States’ Davidson College awarded Stephen a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

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