A Rivers politician claims that a woman who was having a tough labor gave delivery after yelling “Wike” three times.

Ehie Ogerenye Edison, a lawmaker, described how a woman going through a difficult delivery delivered birth after yelling Governor Wike’s name three times.

On January 11, when Wike visited Ahoada, the Deputy Speaker of the Rivers State, made this statement in a speech.

Recounting the incident, Ehie Edison said;

“As of yesterday night, there was a lady in labor. The lady tried but she couldn’t put to bed. They had already prepared the theatre for her to be operated on this morning.

But because the nurses knew that you are coming to Ahodia today, they were discussing that ‘our executive governor is coming to Ahodia today; this man likes Ahoada people’.

At the hearing of your name, the woman shouted ‘the God of Nyesom Wike, let me deliver safely’. Three times, the woman mentioned your name; she delivered a bouncing baby boy.

Your excellency, that was your name. They came this morning, saying they want to name the boy in your name. I said ‘no, don’t do that until I hear confirmation from his excellency’.”

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